Product Return

Our goal at is to offer the best possible shopping experience and to provide as much detail concerning our products, their quality and their fitting, as possible. If you are not satisfied with the products you received, you can proceed with their replacement or get a refund. This applies to all the orders and products that comply with the following terms. The return cost is charged to the customer.

-Exchanges are accepted within 14 days from the date they got received and only by providing the purchase receipt or an exchange card.

-The product will need to be in perfect condition, the same as the original, have not been worn, have all the tags, without any damages, spots or alterations.

-The product must be returned in its original package, while if the product arrived in protective cases, they would also need to be returned as they are considered part of the product.

-We can only accept exchanges or returns of products purchased from

-All the exchanges are done base on the purchase price. The exceptions are the cases of exchanges in color and or size in the same product number.

-If you want to return more than one products, which are from the same order, they will need to be sent all together and simultaneously.

Courier Return
To exchange/return products follow the steps listed below

Returns from Greece
1.Fill out the information of your original order in the return paper that you found inside the box your order arrived in, as well as the product codes of the products you will return to us. 

2a. In the case of an Exchange- Fill out the product codes of the new products you wish to receive and call us at 210 52 41 383 for us to commit the products.

2b. In the case of a Refund- If your payment was done with cash on delivery or bank account deposit, fill out the IBAN, the bank account number and the first and last name of the beneficiary of the bank, where you wish the refund to take place.

3. Call the courier company which delivered your order (ELTA 800 11 82 000 & 212 0000 800) and inform them to come and pick up your packet which is to be returned. The fee of €5 for your return (the amount will be paid to the courier on the 2nd shipping of the package) or of the fee of 5€ for the refund (the amount will be deducted from the refund amount) by declaring recipient charging when you are returning the package, a price.

International Returns
Returning products from abroad is done with the customer being charged and only with the use of a trackable transportation service (courier).

After filling out the return paper, simply pack the product in the package you receive it in and send it back to us. The return information can be found on the return paper.

As soon as we receive your return, we will start the refund process within the next few days.

If you wish to exchange/swap a product you bought you will have to make a new order and return to us the product that you don't want to keep.

Please note!

-All returns will be sent in the address: ONFEET (ΑΝΤΑΜΙΑΝ ΝΟΥΝΕ), Zinonos 20, 104 37, Athens, Greece.

-The exchanges/swaps that don't follow the procedure listed above will be charged with any extra charges.

Defective or Wrong Products
All the products that have a visible structural defect will be replaced with an identical product (based on availability), or the value of that product will be refunded to the customer. In the unfortunate case that you received a wrong or defective product, contact us at or +30 210 52 41 383.

-The shipping charges in the case of a wrong or defective product will be charged on

-In the case we received a product which is not defective, then the customer will be charged with any possible shipping charges.


Online dispute resolution platform
According to guidance 2013/11/EK, which was incorporated to Greece with KIA 70330/2015, the possibility of electronic resolution of consumer disputes with the process of Alternate Dispute Resolution(ADS) in all the European Union. If the customer has the nature of a consumer (as in a physical person which acts outside of its professional status) and has any issue with the purchase that he made from our web page, he can start the ADS process through the single-pane European platform for electronic dispute Resolution, which is available at